Lesley Anne Rose

Writer & Artistic Producer


13466340_10205838123303784_4797913122538066775_n-2Traveller there is no path – the path is made by walking.
Antonio Machado.

As a travel writer my published work includes guidebooks, articles and a travel column, and the areas of the world I know best include North America – the US and Canada – the Southern Caribbean, Malta, Scotland, France and the English Lake District. For two years I sat on the executive committee of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild and have written on independent travel, food, travelling with children and eco-tourism.

I’m a former performance poet and, as a playwright, have had work commissioned and produced in regional theatre, literature festivals and pub theatre. I’ve made short documentary films, and radio features while working and training with BBC Radio Bristol’s Social Affairs department. I am a member of Scottish Pen – an organisation that promotes literature, fosters cross-cultural exchange and champions freedom of expression.

I’ve also studied and worked across theatre and film for over two decades. I’m an experienced theatre producer and have produced a range of theatre productions from large scale international co-productions to award winning mid scale touring theatre and site specific new work. I’ve taught and programmed film alongside writing business plans and providing consultancy for independent cinemas. I work closely around the place where theatre and film meet, both creatively and commercially, and have produced film versions of live theatre shows.

I am also a director of Open Road, a producer and artist lead company with the artistic purpose of creating theatre, film and other creative work inspired by real life stories and histories.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, former representatives of BECTU  and the Independent Theatre Council. I sit on the Board of Directors of Magnetic North Theatre Productions.

As a therapist, I ran a successful business for a number of years. In addition to private practice, I worked with the National Schizophrenic Society, hospices who provide palliative care for cancer patients and NHS staff, as well as teaching.

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