Lesley Anne Rose

Writer & Artistic Producer

Home Fires

Set in 1945 and on the eve of the American lead invasion of Iraq in 2003, Home Fires is a study of the inherited relationships between four generations of women caught between tradition and progress. The story hinges on a diary written by Lily during World War Two and discovered by her daughter Sally and granddaughter Lucy as they clear out her house after her death. The diary reveals Lily’s Second World War love affair and her mother’s ability to talk to the dead. As secrets from the past unfold and long forgotten dreams surface, Sally and Lucy realize that the key to their future happiness is hidden in their family’s history.

Home Fires was first produced by the Dukes, Lancaster in February 2007.

The Dukes Artistic Director Ian Hastings has been bold enough to spot Rose’s possibilities, which deserve cultivating if theatre is to connect with the real history of people’s lives.   Morning Star

Home Fires is an extraordinarily rich play.  Virtual Lancaster

Rose’s research can’t be faulted – plenty of local knowledge and references, the right amount of contemporary commentary.  The Stage

BBC Lancashire interview.

Production Images

Photographs by George Coupe

Roberta Kerr as Nella

Pip Chapman as Lily (left) and Mark Plonsky as Sam (right)

Alison Holroyd as Lucy (left) and Eithne Browne as Sally (right)

Catherine Kinsella as Ella

Pip Chapman as Lily

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